Bell County and its surrounding neighborhoods form a unique and diverse community, with residents from places all around the world. This creates a very special need for sensitive, sophisticated and high quality health care services. Central Texas Health Care has filled that need. Today, we stand as an example of a streamlined healthcare system, delivering coordinated, efficient and high-quality healthcare close to home.

Our greatest resource is our 3 superbly trained, board certified physicians who have earned the respect and confidence of our community. Their focus is not only the immediate problem that may have brought you in to our facility, but your overall health assessment that will influence your long term health.It is well established that a program of disease prevention and early detection is the best way to preserve health. As such, our doctors and support staff are experts at providing comprehensive physicals in addition to caring for your urgent medical needs.

Modern healthcare is too complex and advanced to be delivered by one physician alone. Here you will find numerous specialty physicians who can be called to supplement your primary physician when necessary.

No healthcare system can be effective without providing access and availability. We accept all patients in need of attention. We wish to be your partner in healthcare and would like to extend you and your family a warm welcome!

What Our
Patients Say

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